MCI History


The Music City Invitational was founded in 1979 by the DuPont High School Band Boosters. In June 1986, the contest was transferred to McGavock Senior High School Band Boosters due to the closing of DuPont High School. Every year since its initiation, the contest has progressively become one of the most outstanding in the region.

Past MCI Chairpersons

1979 Don Bradshaw
1980 Kenneth Driver
1981 Bob Redden
1982 George Bitzer
1983 Tom Phillips
1984 George Bitzer/John Stone
1985 John Stone
1986 John Stone
1987 Jerry Hargett
1988 Jack Lewis
1989 Jack Lewis
1990 Marti Lorino
1991 Donna Griggs/Richard Jones
1992 Nick Passomato/Mary Lee Thompson
1993 Mary Lee Thompson/Bob Lackey
1994 Mary Lee Thompson/Bob Lackey
1995 Greg Ballard/Ann Butler
1996 Greg Ballard/Larry Shepherd/Wayne Scharber
1997 Greg Ballard/Larry Shepherd/Wayne Scharber
1998 Greg Ballard/Larry Shepherd/Wayne Scharber
1999 Greg Ballard
2000 Larry Shepherd
2001 Larry Shepherd
2002 Larry Shepherd
2003 Larry Shepherd
2004 Larry Shepherd
2005 Melinda Bimstein/Eric Russell
2006 Melinda Bimstein
2007 Melinda Bimstein
2008 Melinda Bimstein
2009 Melinda Bimstein
2010 Rob Mynhier/Kelly Davis
2011 Kelly Davis
2012 Kelly Davis
2013 Kelly Davis/Shannon Bond/Christy Earl
2014 Kelly Davis, Christy Earl
2015 Becky Farley, Christy Earl
2016 Becky Farley, Debra Webb

Past Winners

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