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Interested in becoming a part of a long-standing tradition of excellence as a member of the McGavock High School Marching Band?

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Future Member Interest Form

Letter to Future Students & Parents

Dear Future McGavock Band Member,

Entering high school is an exciting step forward in every child’s educational journey. The scheduling process for your child’s ninth grade year at McGavock is almost complete, and we want to begin an early communication with you to ensure all those involved in instrumental music will have a positive transition into the McGavock High School Band. Most importantly, we want to be certain that BAND is part of your child’s curriculum next year.

There are many new challenges facing the first-year high school student. Being in band will help make the transition a pleasant one. For example, our upperclassmen become a supportive social family to underclassmen as they enter their new learning climate.

Additionally, being in band affords students the opportunity to enter high school with a host of talented friends who share a similar interest and a familiar language: music.

Now is the time when artistic investment begins to pay measurable dividends. The seeds of success are about to produce a harvest of exciting opportunities for each future McGavock Band Member as they take that all-important first step forward as a member. Choosing to join the high school band is one of the most significant and beneficial decisions your child can make.

All parents want their children to have the best education our system can offer. Current educational statistics clearly state that band students represent the highest level of academic success in our schools. The best students are members of the high school band; many of the past valedictorians and salutatorians at McGavock were members of the band. Music offers an expressive language we cannot duplicate in other areas of study. It opens the imaginative mind to a new degree of understanding and stimulates a higher level of thinking. Many believe it is the catalyst to problem solving and personal discovery.

There are always a few isolated cases where students have been influenced by peer pressure to avoid affiliation with any high school organization until it can be determined, by their friends, which group is most socially fashionable. Though these situations are rare, they can cause students to avoid making a commitment to an unknown set of expectations in an attempt to be part of the in crowd. Usually these are the instances where the parents were not mutually involved in the decision making. So, become involved, and contact us with questions or concerns!

Students are often fearful about entering high school. Whether it is a new building as large as McGavock, different teachers, or new classmates, high school can be very intimidating.

There are a variety of ways to include band class in your schedule at McGavock. Your current guidance counselor can assist. Should you experience any problems registering for the appropriate band class, we are glad to help. Marching band fulfills your child’s P.E. requirements. This may help as you arrange a class schedule for your child.

Due to budgetary issues in Metro Nashville Public Schools, there will be fundraisers to help provide funds necessary to operate this high quality band program. We assure you that your fair share can be raised through our many varied fundraising opportunities. A majority of our parents raise the money through fundraising. Limited financial aid is also available. Please do not dismiss band membership because of a financial concern; instead, we will put you in touch with past or current band parents who know first-hand what your options are.

We look forward to being part of your child’s education. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the band office at your earliest convenience. Help your child take advantage of this great opportunity.