Butter Braid

Our Butter Braid Orders are here and just in time for the holidays!!  Christy Earl will be outside of the band room on Thursday, November 30th from 5:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. with Butter Braid orders.  Please make plans to pick up your order during this time.  The Butter Braids need to be put in the freezer as soon as possible.  We don’t have a Freezer and packages need to be placed into a Freezer as quickly as you can! Please contact Christy Earl at earlfamily391@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Peach Fundraiser Cancelled

We have just been informed by the Lane Peach Co. that due to weather conditions, there will not be a crop of peaches in August. They are very sorry about this, but it is out of their control. Please return any money collected for this fundraiser. There are many more fundraisers coming up for you to participate in to help pay your child’s fair share account. You can currently do the Kroger Plus Cards, donation letter, and mail wells.

Yankee Candle Fundraiser

Yankee candle sale begins May 2nd and ends May 23rd.  Packets will be available in the band room on May 2nd.  You can use the catalog to sell items or set up an online account to sell orders.  Orders placed online will be sent to the buyer’s home.  Checks are made payable to McGavock Band Boosters.  Catalog orders will arrive about three weeks after the paperwork is turned in.  You will receive 40% profit for your fair share account.  Please contact Christy Earl at earlfamily391@gmail.com if you have questions.

Nature’s Vision Fundraiser

Our new fundraiser begins Monday, January 9th and ends on January 30th.  This is a catalog order from a company called Nature’s Vision.  Your student needs to get a catalog, order form, and parent note.  These will be available in the band room.  The parent note explains how you can set up an account online for people to order from the catalog.

Please see PDF below for information on online sales:

First Aid Kit Fundraiser


First Aid Kit Sale!

When: December 8th – January 12th

How: They cost $10 each.   You make $6 off of each kit!  Checks are made payable to McGavock Band Boosters. There are auto and home first aid kits.  One sheet is an order form and one is a description of each kit.  Questions about fundraisers can be directed to Christy Earl.
Link: Order Form (PDF)

Mailwell Opportunity

We have a great opportunity for folks to earn money Sunday afternoon and Monday evening, but only one person has signed up for Sunday and only two for Monday. Any additional help is appreciated.  The project is large, 22,000 pieces.


Reply to Natalie: 4packerbacker@comcast.net

DNI Corp.
711 Spence Lane

Sunday, October 30     12pm-5pm (5hr shift)
Monday, October 31 (Halloween)  530-930pm

I need to know the following information when signing up to work

1)Parent Name
2)Student Name
3)which day or days you want to work
4) number of workers for each day or days you asked to work



Natalie Dresch


Fruit & MCI Ads

Our next fundraiser will be selling fruit.  The sale runs September 29th- October 21st.  Forms and collection envelopes will be given out at the end of band rehearsal on the 29th.  Extra forms will be available in the band room and will be posted on the website.  When turning in your order, you will only need to turn in the envelope with your totals.  Make sure the envelope is filled out completely.  Profit for this fundraiser is between 37%-38% depending on what you sell.  Please remember that orders can’t be turned in late.  There will be times that you can turn in your order (please look for emails and face book messages about turn in times).  It helps the process if you can have people that buy the fruit write a check to you.  It is also helpful if you keep the cash and write one check to McGavock Band Boosters.  We will accept checks from those who buy from you, but please understand that this may take longer when turning in orders.  Please contact Christy Earl at earlfamily391@gmail.com if you have questions about the fruit sale.

MCI ads are due by September 30th.  The next fair share payment of $180 is due by October 15th.  The next booster meeting is Monday, October 10th at 7:00 p.m. in the North East cafeteria.  Don’t forget to go to Bar B Cutie on Donelson Pike each Friday to support the band!  Vote for McGavock Band on WKRN “March to the Top” each day!